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Professional Lawn Care Services in Covington GA

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New Summer Landscapes LLC is your trusted partner for Professional Lawn Care Services in Covington GA, blending expertise with a passion for transforming outdoor spaces. Rooted in excellence, we specialize in comprehensive lawn care, ensuring your green haven thrives. Our landscape projects are innovative and tailored to your vision, creating harmonious environments for both residential and commercial clients. Distinguished by captivating garden and flower bed designs, we turn ordinary spaces into vibrant showcases of natural beauty. Precision hedge trimming is our forte, sculpting greenery to perfection. Committed to brilliance, our licensed and insured team guarantees professional and reliable Lawn Care Services in Covington GA for residential and commercial clients. Our eco-friendly practices and organic options make sustainability vital for a greener tomorrow!

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Why People Prefer Our Residential & Commercial Lawn Care Services

Expertly transform residential or commercial landscapes with precision, providing tailored solutions that cater to unique needs, all while embracing eco-friendly practices for lasting green excellence!

Expertise and Precision

Leaders in landscaping, our skilled team ensures meticulous care, transforming visions into vibrant realities.

Tailored Solutions

From custom designs to personalized maintenance, we cater to your unique needs, delivering unparalleled satisfaction.

Green Excellence

Committed to sustainability, we embrace eco-friendly practices, ensuring your commercial landscape flourishes responsibly for years.

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Our Projects
Our Recently Completed Projects
Lawn Care Services
Revitalized lawns thrive with our expert care, featuring mowing, fertilization, and weed control for a lush, healthy outdoor oasis.
Trimming Hedge Services
Precision in every cut, our trimming services sculpt hedges to perfection, maintaining shape, promoting health, and enhancing overall landscape allure.
Garden Bed Design
Our innovative designs create stunning commercial garden beds, harmonizing flora to enhance aesthetics, curb appeal, and outdoor enjoyment.
Landscaping Services
Transformed spaces speak volumes. Our recent landscape projects blend creativity, functionality, and expertise, breathing life into outdoor environments with lasting impact.
Our Process
Our 4-Step Process for Commercial Landscape
and Lawn Care Services
Consultation and Assessment
Discuss thoroughly to understand your vision, assess the space, and tailor a personalized landscaping plan.
Design and Conceptualization
We craft a detailed design incorporating your preferences and our expertise to create a blueprint for your ideal landscape or lawn.
Expert Installation and Planting
Our experts execute the plan precisely, bringing the design to life through skilled installation and meticulous planting of greenery and elements.
Ongoing Maintenance and Care
Ensure the longevity and vibrancy of your landscape with routine maintenance, including lawn care, bed design upkeep, and hedge trimming.
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Expertly transform commercial landscapes with precision, providing tailored solutions that cater to unique needs, all while embracing eco-friendly practices for lasting green excellence!


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