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Best Commercial Lawn Care Services in Covington GA

Welcome to New Summer Landscapes LLC for commercial landscape & lawn care services in Conyers, GA. We understand that outdoor spaces’ beauty and functionality significantly contribute to commercial properties’ aesthetics and value. Specializing in landscape architecture, our team creates bespoke flower and garden bed designs that enhance the visual appeal and complement the area’s environmental dynamics. Every project, from the most miniature flower beds to extensive landscape projects, is executed meticulously, ensuring that each plant, shrub, and decorative element has a perfect place for maximum impact. Our approach combines artistic vision with practical landscaping solutions, aiming to transform mundane spaces into vibrant, welcoming outdoor areas.

Comprehensive Lawn Care: The Foundation of Great Landscaping

Lawn care is not just about maintaining greenery; it’s about setting the stage for a magnificent landscape. New Summer Landscapes LLC offers top-tier commercial lawn care services beyond mowing and watering. We understand that a healthy, lush lawn is the canvas upon which our professionals place beautiful landscapes. Our experts employ a tailored approach, considering the specific type of grass, soil quality, and local climate, to devise a care plan that ensures robust growth and vitality. Our service’s cornerstone is regular maintenance, including precise mowing techniques, fertilization, aeration, and pest control. Our dedicated lawn care team ensures that your commercial property stands out with its impeccable, vibrant green turf, serving as a testament to your commitment to excellence!

Why Choose Us

Our flower bed designs are a blend of horticultural artistry and environmental sustainability. We select unique plant combinations that thrive in your climate, ensuring year-round vibrancy.
We go beyond aesthetics; our garden bed designs improve biodiversity and enhance local ecosystems. Each garden is a sustainable living masterpiece tailored to your space.
Leveraging the latest lawn care technology, we implement strategies promoting deep-root growth and disease resistance. Our approach results in a healthier, more resilient lawn that stays lush.
Expertly transform commercial landscapes with precision, providing tailored solutions that cater to unique needs, all while embracing eco-friendly practices for lasting green excellence!


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