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A vibrant flower bed with red mulch and shrubs adorns the front of a charming house.

Expert Flower Bed Design Services in Covington GA

New Summer Landscapes LLC offers commercial flower bed design services in Covington, GA, to expose the art of vibrant living. We step beyond traditional gardening to create flower beds that are living artworks, tailor-made to suit your unique space and preferences. We focus on creating flower beds that complement your lifestyle, whether you seek a riot of colors to brighten your day or a calming blend of greens and pastels for relaxation. In commercial landscaping, our designs aim to boost your business’s curb appeal. We understand that a well-designed flower bed can significantly enhance the look and feel of a commercial property, attracting clients and creating a pleasant environment for employees.

Dynamic and Diverse Floral Landscapes

Moving forward with our commercial flower bed design services in Covington, GA, we emphasize dynamic and diverse floral landscapes. Each project is an opportunity to blend aesthetics with the natural ecosystem. For homeowners, this means a beautiful garden that changes with the seasons, offering new delights throughout the year. To create an evolving garden, we consider elements like flowering cycles, foliage textures, and color harmonies. For businesses, our focus is on creating impactful, low-maintenance flower beds that stay beautiful with minimal upkeep. We understand the demands of commercial spaces and design accordingly, ensuring that your flower beds make a lasting impression without demanding constant attention. Call today for expert flower bed services!

Why Choose Us

Sustainability is a crucial component. We use environmentally beneficial methods, such as encouraging pollinator-friendly plants and utilizing organic fertilizers.
Our team carefully selects combinations of flowers and plants to create visually stunning displays that reflect your style or your business's brand identity.
We guarantee that your vision and preferences remain at the center of the project by working directly with you and our skilled team throughout the design process.
Expertly transform commercial landscapes with precision, providing tailored solutions that cater to unique needs, all while embracing eco-friendly practices for lasting green excellence!


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