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Professional Lawn Care Company in Covington GA

At New Summer Landscapes LLC, we specialize in Professional Lawn Care Company in  Covington GA, catering to a wide range of needs to keep your lawn looking its best. Our team has the latest tools and knowledge to handle everything from essential lawn maintenance to more complex landscaping tasks. In addition to mowing, our comprehensive services include edging, which gives your lawn a precise, manicured look, enhancing its overall appearance. We understand that a healthy lawn goes beyond just cutting grass. That’s why our lawn care services also cover fertilization and weed control.

Our commercial or residential experts of Lawn Care Services assess the specific needs of your lawn, applying the right balance of nutrients to promote lush, green growth and using eco-friendly solutions to manage weeds effectively. To ensure your lawn stays vibrant, we also provide aeration services. We work closely with you to understand your specific lawn care goals and preferences, ensuring our approach aligns with your vision. Whether you’re looking for a simple, clean-cut lawn or a more elaborate landscaping design, our professionals are here to make your lawn care experience hassle-free and satisfying.

Our Lawn Care Company Providing Comprehensive Solutions

Diving deeper into our services, New Summer Landscapes LLC offers various commercial and residential lawn care services in Covington GA, tailored to keep your lawn in top condition. Our lawn maintenance program includes regular inspections, identifying any issues like pest infestations or diseases early on, and addressing them promptly to prevent damage to your lawn.

We install and maintain irrigation systems, adjusting them according to the seasonal needs of your lawn. This is an eco-friendly option since it keeps healthy grass and helps preserve water. Over seeding helps to fill in bare spots and improve the density and color of your lawn, while sod installation provides an instant upgrade, transforming your outdoor space with lush, green grass. We understand your time is valuable, so we ensure that our lawn care services are performed efficiently and on schedule. Our team of experts is always ready to provide advice and answer any questions, ensuring you feel confident and informed about the care your lawn is receiving.

Why Choose Us
We believe in straightforward, ongoing communication with our clients, ensuring you're always informed about our services and any updates regarding lawn care.
Understanding the importance of convenience, we offer flexible scheduling options that work around your busy lifestyle, ensuring our lawn care services fit seamlessly into your routine.
Our services are priced competitively, offering you the best value for high-quality lawn care and ensuring affordability without sacrificing the standard of our work.
Expertly transform commercial landscapes with precision, providing tailored solutions that cater to unique needs, all while embracing eco-friendly practices for lasting green excellence!


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